What can I gain from participating in the Emmaus Road Discipleship School (ERDS)?
We believe through reading, spending quiet time in prayer, listening to the Holy Spirit, and conversing with others in your covenantal group, you will grow and mature as a disciple of Jesus. This experience will help you discern how God wants you to be in the world. As a committed disciple, you will strengthen your family, neighborhood, church, community, workplace, and the world.

One of the many flowers to appreciate at Serenity Acres.
One of the many flowers to appreciate at Serenity Acres.

Who will be teaching/facilitating our learning?
Seven facilitators have volunteered their time and energies to ERDS. Of the seven facilitators, five are ordained ministers of the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and two are laypersons.

Where will ERDS be held?
We will use Serenity Acres for ERDS. Serenity Acres comprises a spiritual retreat house on ten acres, located at 15101 Bennet Road, approximately one mile west of Bennet, Nebraska.

When does ERDS start?
The school starts with a one-day retreat in August. The 2014—2015 schedule, materials, and books will be shared with participants at that time. ERDS covenantal groups will continue to meet for one-day sessions during the following months: September, October, November, January, February, April, and May. No sessions are planned for December or March. June and July will be used to plan and activate service projects and pilgrimages.

What time will ERDS meet for the August retreat and the on-going monthly sessions?
The August retreat and the one-day, monthly sessions will meet from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Central Time.

Wildlife delights the quiet observer.
Wildlife delights the quiet observer.

Do I have to do a service project between the first and second years and a pilgrimage between the second and third years?
Service projects and pilgrimages are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. After learning of God and from God, there is often the intense desire to spread His love to others. A very practical way to spread God’s love is to serve others. We also believe we are a pilgrim people, and traveling with others to sacred places for worship adds significantly to one’s faith.

Why is there an annual fee of $850, when ERDS is being supported by a grant from the Lilly Endowment?
Reasons for an annual fee are as follows:

  1. there are costs associated with ERDS;
  2. we need to build long-term sustainability so ERDS is available to others; and
  3. with the expenditure of one’s own personal resources comes commitment to this experiential process and serving in God’s kingdom.
All seasons bring their beauty to times of retreat and renewal.
All seasons bring their beauty to times of retreat and renewal.

Are scholarships available?
We are pleased to provide scholarships to participants of the Emmaus Road Discipleship School. A fund has been established at the Christian Church Foundation through the SouthPointe Christian Church – Lincoln, NE for this purpose. Up to 50% of the annual participant fee will be paid from the scholarship fund on a limited basis. Both pastors and lay participants are eligible for scholarships. It is our desire that the annual fee not be an impediment to meeting God and exploring a deeper spiritual life through the Emmaus Road Discipleship School. Please go to the APPLY tab for the Scholarship Request Form. Thank you.

Why are pastors allowed a 50-percent discount?
The Lilly Endowment grant was originally provided to help build strong pastors for the Christian Church in Nebraska. Just as importantly, is the fact that pastors have already dedicated their lives to Christ and leading people in their communities. We believe ERDS can be a way for pastors to re-charge and renew their own spirits. It is an opportunity for pastors to pull away from some of their difficult responsibilities and revive their spirits through communion with God and others.

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