“One of the things I discovered when I started Emmaus Road Discipleship School was that I could have a relationship with God, just like I can have a relationship with another person.”

“Something that’s changed in my life, is that when the phone rings at my job, I stop and try to recognize that this is a child of God that is calling me.”

“For as long as I can remember, I felt like there was something missing when I prayed. I talked to God and I read Bible verses. However, I didn’t feel like I truly connected to God. I didn’t feel like God was talking to me. But now I’ve learned to experience the true presence of God…. I learned to slow down, stop talking, quiet my thoughts…. I’ve learned to be open to the living presence of God.”

“It’s been an amazing journey going through the discipleship school and I can hardly wait to see where God leads me through the rest of this.”

“I’m feeling a strong inclination to work with children and I believe this is coming from my growing relationship with God.  So I have started volunteering at an elementary school.  My husband tells me, I just “light up” when I talk about the children and how I’m able to help them with their reading assignments.  And I’m going to start praying for my students.  I see so many children that are hurting or in pain.”

“My son has not been doing well for the past four years and I realized I was having some control issues.  Because of Emmaus Road Discipleship School, I’ve been able to ‘turn him over to God’ and relinquish my need to control.  He is starting to do better.”

“I want to reach out to people who have been pushed away from church.  I’m being called to talk to people about what God has done in my life.  I believe I’m to reach people who have been lead away from the church.”

… making disciples the Jesus way